Keio University is committed to medicine, and the Keio University Hospital is at the core of that commitment. Our world-class facilities not only deliver leading-edge medical care, but provide an ideal environment for our medical education and research pursuits.

Keio University Hospital

In 2017, Keio University School of Medicine will celebrate its first centennial. As we approach that milestone we are also making progress on the construction of a new hospital building.

Keio University Hospital sits on an extensive campus of more than 66 hectares, and consists of 29 medical departments and 17 central medical divisions. Our more than 850 clinicians (including residents) welcome around 3,000 daily outpatients from around the country, in addition to approximately 900 daily inpatients. On an annual basis, we receive more than 20,000 emergency patients and perform 13,000 surgeries. Designated as an advanced treatment hospital, we provide advanced medical services while engaging in activities to promote community-based medicine through collaboration with more than 100 affiliate hospitals throughout Japan.

Keio University Hospital Mission

To provide compassionate, reliable, patient-centered health care.
To develop and provide advanced medical care and ensure its quality and safety.
To foster the development of medical professionals who possess intellectual depth and compassionate understanding.
To contribute to the welfare of mankind through ethical medical science and medical care.

Clinical Departments

Internal Medicine (Pulmonary Medicine / Cardiology / Gastroenterology and Hepatology / Nephrology, Endocrinology and Metabolism / Neurology / Hematology / Rheumatology) / Surgery (General and Gastroenterological Surgery / General Thoracic Surgery / Cardiovascular Surgery / Pediatric Surgery) / Anesthesiology / Neurosurgery / Orthopedic Surgery / Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery / Pediatrics / Obstetrics / Gynecology / Ophthalmology / Dermatology / Urology / Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery / Neuropsychiatry / Radiation Oncology / Diagnostic Radiology / Dentistry and Oral Surgery / Rehabilitation Medicine / Emergency and Critical Care Medicine / General Medicine

Centers and Clinics

Apheresis and Dialysis Center / Institute for Integrated Sports Medicine / Center for Kampo Medicine / Infectious Disease Clinic / Center for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy / Immunotherapy Center / Cancer Center / Memory Clinic / Palliative Care Center / Center for Medical Genetics / Center for Preventive Medicine / Center for Perinatal & Pediatric Care / second opinion


Advanced Treatment Hospital / AIDS Treatment Center Hospital / Regional Cancer Center Hospital / Emergency Hospital / Treatment under the Act on Welfare Physically Disabled Persons* / Health Care Center under the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance* / Disaster Base Hospital / Disaster Medical Assistance Team Hospital / Regional Perinatal Care Center / Designated Medical Institution for Type 2 Infectious Disease (Tuberculosis) / Registered Organ Transplant Facilities (Liver, Small Intestine, Kidney) / Intractable Disease Treatment Program Designated Hospital