The Keio University Graduate School of Medicine Master's program welcomes students who have an undergraduate degree in the natural sciences or social sciences/humanities, and aims to train them to be highly-skilled researchers and professional specialists involved in various fields related to medicine. It also prepares students to continue their education in a doctoral program. In order to accommodate every student’s career goals, we have prepared a curriculum that is specifically tailored to each student's needs. This allows each student to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the current state and future outlook of the fields of medicine that are most relevant to their desired career path.


The focus of the first year is on lectures and coursework with a goal of providing students with a sound knowledge of basic medical science and clinical medicine. Students acquire a great wealth of medical knowledge and prepare themselves for their future careers through lectures given by researchers working at the forefront of medicine, and clinicians who interact closely with patients, as well as through actual clinical experience at the university hospital.

Students are also able to freely choose various lecture options, from courses directly connected to medical care at our university hospital, to lectures coordinated with the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences or with the Graduate School of Business Administration.

While pursuing their coursework, Master’s students also sharpen their research skills by conducting research under the direction of their supervisors. Additionally, students can participate in a laboratory exchange research program held in partnership with the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In this program, students from each department work side-by-side in Keio’s cutting-edge research facilities in both Graduate Schools.

Students conclude their research and present their master's thesis in the second year. In the fall of their second year, they must present their progress at an assembly and obtain the advice of experts other than their supervisors on the direction of their research. After the thesis is submitted, it must pass the final review.

By completing the Master's program, students are endowed with the abilities and knowledge to continue to a doctoral program; or to become successful leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, or at other institutions closely related to healthcare and medicine.