Because the medical licensing examination in Japan is given in Japanese, the Keio University School of Medicine undergraduate program requires a high level of Japanese language ability for both domestic and international students. The undergraduate program offers a specialized entrance examination for international students, however, this examination is conducted in Japanese and is largely similar to that of domestic students.

For details about the entrance examination for international students, please see

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Office of Student Services, Keio University School of Medicine
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The aim of the Keio University Graduate School of Medicine is to produce the following types of researchers who are capable of pioneering developments in medicine:

  • Physician scientists who are well acquainted with both medical science and clinical medicine;
  • Specialists capable of designing detailed clinical research;
  • Clinical oncologists who are familiar with clinical oncology across all specialties of medicine;
  • Top-level scientists who can play a leading role in any of the world’s laboratories.

Admission Policy

The Graduate School of Medicine welcomes applications from the following individuals, regardless of nationality:

  • Those who aspire to become world-class researchers in medical science and applied medicine;
  • Those who are capable of understanding and critiquing English-language papers concerning medicine and the life sciences;
  • Those who possess sound fundamental knowledge of medicine and the life sciences.