Pursuit of Enhanced Education, Research and Medical Care

1965 Hospital Wing 1 completed. Keio Cancer Center Foundation established. (Closed 2002)
For a decade from 1965, students often go on strike in protest of US Army-funded medical research, planned tuition increases and internship programs.
1969 School of Medicine Reform Committee established. Clinical Research Hall completed. (Demolished 2015)
1970 Keio Health Counseling Center established. (Closed 2008)
1972 Information services at the Shinanomachi Media Center incorporated as an independent foundation, the International Medical Information Center.
1973 Hospital volunteers first introduced. The volunteer group registers with Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association.
1974 Keio University Ise Keio Hospital established in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. (Closed 2003)
1977 Keio University Tsukigase Rehabilitation Center established. (Closed 2011)
1979 Institute for Radioisotope Research completed.
1983 Keio University 125th Anniversary Ceremony held.
1984 Clinical training programs at American medical schools start.
5 students from the 64th class sent abroad for clinical training programs. During the 2014 school year, 24 students dispatched to a total of 16 different universities. 375 students have participated in these programs as of 2014, at a total of 32 universities.