The Future of Keio Medicine

1986 Hospital New Ward (now Building 2) opens.
Hospital New Ward (now Building 2) constructed to commemorate Keio's 125th Anniversary. An eleven-story building with two basement floors, the building utilizes newly introduced advanced medical information systems, and allows for the number of beds to be increased from 871 to 1071.
1988 College of Nursing established.
1990 First results from the Laboratory and Field Studies program presented.
1994 Keio University Hospital accredited as an Advanced Treatment Hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
1994 Master's Program established at the Graduate School of Medicine.
1996 Education and Research Building completed.
1996 Inaugural Award Ceremony and Commemorative Lectures for the Keio Medical Science Prize held. Keio launches the fund using a generous donation from Dr. Mitsunada Sakaguchi, a 1940 alumnus of the School of Medicine.
Keio University annually awards the Keio Medical Science Prize to recognize researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of medicine or life sciences. As of 2014, 6 recipients of this prize have later won the Nobel Prize (4 in Physiology or Medicine and 2 in Chemistry).
2001 Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care established.
2001 Institute of Integrated Medical Research completed. Research Park established.
2007 Clinical Research Center established. Shinanomachi Campus Innovation Project launched. (completed March 2008)
To maintain its position as a world-leading hospital and school of medicine, Keio launches the Shinanomachi Campus Innovative Reform Project. Faculty members participate in 46 different challenges aimed at advancing hospital management reforms. Those reforms result in a surplus that allows for the resolution of unpaid doctors, and the establishment of graduate scholarships.
2008 Faculty of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences established as a result of a merger with Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy. Keio University 150th Anniversary Ceremony held. Clinical Research Building completed.
2010 Building 3 (North Wing) completed.
2011 Keio's Medical Rescue Team dispatched to help victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Inter-professional education (IPE) programs begin among the School of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, and Faculty of Pharmacy.
2012 EMRs (electronic medical records) introduced. Building 3 (South Wing) completed. Center for Preventive Medicine opens.
Building 3 (South Wing) constructed for Keio's 150th Anniversary, promoting "Early detection and treatment through the practice of preventative medicine and the provision of advanced comprehensive care." Building 3 houses a ward for inpatients (58 beds) and an area for comprehensive health assessments, as well as the Cancer Center and the Immunotherapy Center.
2015 Building 1 (Phase 1 Wing) completed.
2017 School of Medicine Centennial