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Keio Medicine in 2017

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History of
Keio Medicine

The Keio University School of Medicine was established in 1917, with renowned microbiologist Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato serving as its first dean. Kitasato's vision of unity between basic medical research and clinical medicine has guided the school since its inception.

Over the past 100 years, Keio University School of Medicine has become a major center for world-leading medical research and education, and plays an indispensable role in the development of medical care in Japan.

  • 1858
    Fukuzawa establishes a school for Dutch studies in Edo (now Tokyo).
  • 1873
    Keio Igakusho (Institute of Medicine) established at Mita, Tokyo. (Closed 1880)
  • 1917
    School of Medicine established with Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato serving as first dean.
  • 1918
    Original Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care established.
  • 1920
    Keio University accredited as one of the first private universities in Japan. Keio University Hospital opens with Dr. Kitasato serving as first director.
  • 1929
    Building for Preventive Medicine & Public Health (Institute of Preventive Medicine) completed.
  • 1937
    Kitasato Memorial Medical Library completed.
  • 1945
    About sixty percent of campus buildings lost in an air raid on May 24.
  • 1952
    The School of Medicine approved under the new educational system.
  • 1956
    Doctoral program at the Graduate School of Medicine established.
  • 1957
    Third Lecture Hall for Basic Medicine (now East Lecture Hall) constructed.
  • 1961
    Second Lecture Hall for Basic Medicine completed.
  • 1977
    Keio University Tsukigase Rehabilitation Center established.
  • 1987
    Hospital New Ward (now Building 2) opens.
  • 1988
    College of Nursing established.
  • 1994
    Master's Program established at the Graduate School of Medicine.
  • 2001
    Institute of Integrated Medical Research completed.
  • 2008
    Clinical Research Building completed.