KEIO UNIVERSITY GLOBAL COE PROGRAM Education and Research Center for Stem Cell Medicine



Organizer Koichi Matsuo

Monthly English presentation to foster scientific excellence

"COEX" is a word synthesized from the "21st century Center of Excellence (COE)" program, "coexistence", and "expanding horizons". The COEX MEEING was initiated in November 2003 to discuss unpublished research findings with other groups. From the 8th meeting on, English was made the official language of the meeting. There are a number of ways to make use of the COEX MEETING. By participating in the COEX MEETING, researchers can organize their data into figures and tables, test the robustness of their conclusions, accelerate and simplify manuscript submission, find collaborators, practice presentations for international scientific meetings and congresses or for job interviews, announce scientific achievements during study abroad, and practice asking questions or chairing meetings. Participation by professors and senior scientists dramatically energizes the meetings. The COEX MEETING is a closed meeting for registered members only, to avoid patent problems. The COEX MEETING have been held monthly over the last five years during the 21st COE program, and G-COE has inherited them.
Each young speaker is invited to a private rehearsal prior to the COEX MEETING. In the rehearsal, the speaker and an advisor check the following: Is the structure of the talk appropriate? Is the introduction necessary and sufficient? What is the goal of the project? Are the materials and methods presented well? Are the data presented clearly? And so on and so forth. It is a great pleasure to observe quantum-leap improvements in presentations. The advisor of the rehearsal is often not from the same field as the speakers, which is an advantage rather than a drawback in the preparation of talks for a broader audience. Sometimes, already accepted or published works of high standard are presented as complete stories. However, uncompleted and on-going projects are also attractive and precious. The COEX MEETING will continue to provide an environment conducive to building confidence in scientific presentations, foster young scientists and promote excellent basic research.

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